Alban Bizet
Graphic Designer

Creative, technical and customer service focused individual with problem-solving nature and a ‘can-do’ attitude. I can work to tight deadlines, and flexible enough to react to developments in culture, concepts and technological change.

Work Experience

2014 - Now

Graphic Designer

Managing a fast-paced workflow within a busy design studio
(receiving requests from multiple internal stakeholders)

Defining key points of a campaign with marketing/editorial teams to make it efficient and omni-channel

Presenting and delivering engaging visual content within brand guidelines

Creating website design assets and signage for events and subscription campaigns

Delivering print-ready artwork for events and marketing collateral

ƒContribute to the creative future of the brands by providing new ideas and processes

2008 -2014

Focus Media
Graphic Designer

Focus Media is a company specialised in events publications, mostly Football for UEFA Euro official publications and FIFA world cup publications. In between those events we have some side project such as the organisation of the Water For Life Concerts in Copenhagen and Mexico, or launching a new digital publication, eco traveller.

My role at Focus Media:

Water for life concert website, Video sting for the concerts, the press kit and all the stationary.

Euro2008/2012 official preview guide, official guide, programs and official review book. Both official preview guide and official guide where adapted for tablets with specifics design to take advantage of the technology offered.

eco traveller magazine for tablets and smartphones using the whole extend of the possibility giving by digital publishing.

Differents logo for the compagny, Water for life concerts, eco traveller and futur projects.


Magimage - Paris
Graphic Designer | Owner

Magimage was a company specialised in Design for Events with IBM for main client.

IBM events banners, signage, Powerpoint Templates, print invits, emailing.

Brand Guardian: Making sure that IBM events designed by others compagnies was following the IBM guidelines.


Graphic Designer

During this period I worked for differents clients, such as:

Sispeo – translation company: redesigned in different languages, websites, flash animations, marketing and commercial litterature.

Zombie Eaters – Rock Band: CD artwork, posters and website.

Hôtel icône – Short movie: Direct and write a short movie for a Bordeaux movie festival.


Graphic designer

Ad’oc was a web agency (now Nextedia) specialised in marketing and web ads.

Design of gif banner ads, 3 of them won the ad of the week award in Strategie Magazine (professional marketing, communication, media magazine)

Design of the Price Minister original website and logo (the logo is still quite the same),

Screen saver goodies for PPR, a baby crawling on the windows taskbar.

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